Men - this page is for you!

Here is an opportunity to gain insights into why we tick the way we do! On our old website we ran an article titled, 'Why are men immature?' That was far and away the phrase that brought the most searches to our site. There are many women out there who want an answer to that question! It was tempting to put the article up but I think it needs improving. So I am rewriting it - and giving you a chance to engage in the process on the blog as we go along. Tell me what issues you want addressed, what baffles you - about your behaviour - and your wife's - and your children's - and anyone else's!

So, let's start:

Why are so many men immature?

This is a serious question. Ask the frustrated woman who cannot understand why her man is so defensive, so uncommunicative, so dogmatic – just so immature!

Ask the man who is fed up of being constantly told he is not up to scratch, is not taking responsibility – and who has learnt that it is safer to get out of the house – on whatever pretext – than to stay and be criticised.

Is it always the man’s fault? Of course not – there are some unreasonable women out there – but the stark truth is that, more often than not, it is the man who is missing it.

We need to say that there are many fine men who take their responsibilities well and command the respect of those around them. We also need to say that there are many men out there who know they are missing it –and desperately want to get it right.

This article is written to help:

  • The ladies who blame themselves for their husband’s immaturity – and live under constant guilt because of it
  • The men who think they have married the most unreasonable woman ever to walk this earth
  • The men who know that things can be better – and want to do something about it!
Want to know what immaturity looks like?   


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